Pritchard is not much of a guard dog. My wife, Jenny, and I often laugh that a criminal only needs to bring along a treat if he wants to get past our four-footed security system. Heck, if he brought two treats Pritch would probably show him the way to my prized possessions, mainly a fossilized 5-inch Megalodon shark tooth I found as a kid and my Neil “Gobbler” Cost custom box call. (Of course, Jenny might have different priorities when it comes to valuables.)

But I’m sure if it came down to it Pritch would do her best to protect her turf. But I doubt she’d go as far as the dog in the video below. According to various sources, the pit-bull mix began gnawing on the tire of a police car, so the cop got out and gave him a shot of pepper spray. That didn’t help, as the dog moved to the front bumper, literally ripping it apart. A Taser didn’t phase it either. Not long after the zap the dog moved on to the tires of a second patrol car. Yum.

For now, the dog is on a six-month probation, attending obedience courses, and wearing “dangerous dog” tags. Word is the police offer in the vehicle offered to adopt the dog, too.

That’s more juice than I want in a guard dog. I’ll stick with Pritch. Any of you have any good stories of your dog protecting your home? Or eating your vehicle?