From the story in the Baraboo News Republic:

A citizen resolution proposed at Monday night’s annual meeting of the Sauk County Conservation Congress would allow hunting and trapping on state park lands. “More state parks are becoming nurseries for predators to grow up in and spread,” said Mike Widner of Baraboo, who co-signed the resolution written by Larry Meyer of Whitewater. Current law prohibits hunting and trapping in state parks, but allows the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to write special rules that allow hunting of certain species, such as deer, elk, wild turkeys or small game within a particular park.

The resolution proposed Monday night would direct the state legislature to change that law and allow hunting within the state’s 40-plus parks, which encompass more than 75,000 acres. “Hunting technology and hunting safety have changed allowing hunters to hunt near and around other persons using the outdoors,” the resolution says, adding that the hunting would control the population of undesirable species. “We’re losing so much of this land that we used to hunt and trap on,” Widner said.

It’s an interesting question: should hunting be allowed in state parks? Some states do and some states don’t. Does yours?