Not too long ago I wrote about Pritch’s annual check up, and even more recently I mentioned I enjoyed the yearly visits. What I don’t like are the unexpected trips to the Doc. Those usually end up hurting my wallet and, more importantly, mean that my pup is sick or injured.


Case in point: On Saturday I noticed Pritchard had become obsessed with licking and gnawing her front leg from her “shoulder” down to her knee. I watched her closely, tried to focus her attention elsewhere, and eventually shouted when she wouldn’t stop.

I didn’t want to go running to the Vet, but I also didn’t want to wait too long. After the third day of chewing I opted for the Vet visit. But the Doc had no immediate answer. Normally dogs don’t chew a front leg due to allergic reactions. To rule out a bite of some sort, the Vet attempted to shave Pritch’s leg, but my dog wanted no part of it. Eventually the Vet carted Pritch off to the back as a team manhandled her for a shave. She peed the floor in protest.

The shave revealed some infected pustules from the incessant chewing, but no sign of a bite–snake or insect. One possible cause could be a jellyfish sting from a recent beach outing. Either way, I’ve got a bald-legged dog and a steep Vet bill. We left with an antibiotic, antihistamine (which they cut us a break on since we had some leftovers from a previous incident), and a spray that will numb the area. Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy to pay anything for the health of my pup, but signing the bill did sting a bit. So I’m thinking we might as well have some fun with it.

The person who guesses the correct amount of the bill (or comes the closest) will win a 3-pack of Cabela’s training dummies. I’ll announce the winner in two weeks.

And for the record, Pritch seems to be on the mend already.