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“Knowledge is good.”–Emil Faber

Before we get into this, note that I’ve limited it pretty severely to rifle books, with a few hunting tomes thrown in. Because of space limitations, some of my favorites like Little Women have been omitted.

1. Jim Carmichel’s Book of the Rifle, 1985. It has been with us for 25 years now, and aged hardly at all. If you can absorb all the knowledge within its pages, you’ll know more than I do.

2. American Hunting Rifles, by Craig Boddington. 1995. Craig has more experience in the field than anyone, and no axes to grind. Also, he shoots southpaw.

3. The Accurate Rifle, by Warren Page. 1973. Much of the machinery has changed, but not the principles behind it. Unlike the other people who pontificate on this subject, Page could actually write.

4. Dangerous Game Rifles, Second Edition, by Terry Wieland. 2009. Terry is no one-safari genius, and the information in this book is simply not available elsewhere.

5. The Big Game Animals of North America, by Jack O’Connor. 1961, 1977. One of O’Connor’s very best books, it’s timeless, and the illustrations by Doug Allen are worth the price by themselves.

6. African Rifles and Cartridges, by John Taylor. 1948, 1994. A professional hunter for many years, Taylor had experience that could not be duplicated today. He was a lively writer, and gives us a look at a world that is gone forever.

If you like this post, I can come up with another half-dozen books.