Pritchard is a purebred dog. A Boykin spaniel. My dog before her was a purebred yellow Labrador. The dogs of my youth were mutts. And to be honest, I loved them all. My mutts, however, were not gun dogs. But that may have had more to do with their lack of training then their abilities.


But lately when I think about adding another dog to the family (that is, in addition to Pritch) I’m torn. Do I go with another Boykin or maybe a bird dog or do I go the pound and rescue a mutt?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no bleeding heart PETA activist. I love a purebred gun dogs–dogs bred with a distinct purpose in mind. There’s nothing finer than watching a Lab or a pointer or a hound in the field, doing what generations of breeding and instinct have honed. I will always own a gun dog.

But I do know any old mutt can bring a family plenty of joy and love-just not necessarily in the field. And it’s hard to think about the number of dogs put down in this country.

Then there’s always the middle ground…a purebred rescue dog.

I’ve got plenty of time to stew on it, as I’ve got no room for another dog in the near future. But when the time comes, I’ll surely give both options some thought. Heck, owning three dogs doesn’t sound too bad. Would give me more options.

I’m curious where you fall on the issue. Have any guilt for owning purebred dogs? Would you ever add a mutt to your stable of gun dogs? Or do you already own both?