We’re launching the F&S Reader Gun Dog series this week. So without further ado, here’s the first nominee. A Labrador owned by Mike Nobles (mnobles23) from Oklahoma.

Dog’s Name: Kota

Breed: Labrador

Age: 2 ½ years

Type of Hunting: Waterfowl

Favorite Place to Hunt Together: Our Secret Honey Hole

Moment You’re Most Proud Of: This is a tough one here. There are two moments that stand out in my mind:

1) The above photo was taken after Kota’s second hunt. These were his first two “text book” retrieves. Not many people can say they know the exact moment when their pup has finally become a full-blown retrieving machine. When the first of those two greenheads was delivered to my hand I knew THAT was the moment.

2) The night I brought Kota home was the night my grandmother passed away. I took him by her house so she could see him, which let me see her one last time. I was fortunate to have Kota to keep me busy during the loss. This helped lead to a bond that I can’t even describe here in words. He’s my companion and I couldn’t imagine life without him.

Moment You’d Like to Forget: I was setting decoys while hunting a pond, and Kota took it upon himself to explore the banks of the pond. By “explore” I mean “roll in.” And by “banks” I mean “cow s%$#.” I’m not talking about old, crusty stuff either. This was just about as fresh as you could get without following a cow around with a bucket. The cow excrement coated his head, ID collar, and electronic collar to the point where even water retrieves wouldn’t break it loose. Oh, and did I mention that this was at the BEGINNING of our hunt for the day? That was the most horrid smelling duck hunt I have ever experienced.

Best Piece of Dog Training Advice: Be patient. There will be many, many times when a pup will try your patience. Stick with it and keep the goal in mind. There’s a great chance you’ll end up with more than just a hunting partner when it’s all said and done.

If Your Gun Dog Could Talk It Would Say: Throw it. Throw it. Throw it. Pleaaaase!

Sounds like a great dog, Mike. He certainly is good looking. Keep up the solid work.

For those of you who want to participate in the Reader Gun Dog series, click here for more information. And thanks to the many of you that have already sent in your info and photos. Given the great response, I’ll be running one reader gun dog post a week from here on out.