Okay, folks, here is the third buck in our rack-scoring contest. ([Click here](/blogs/hunting/2010/04/hurteau-score-more-bucks -win-bear-attack-bow) to see the first and [here](/blogs/hunting/2010/05/hurteau-new-round-ii-buc k-bow-contest) for the second.) As you’ll recall, our theme is F&S bucks, and this one is a dandy arrowed by Contributing Editor Lawrence Pyne, who calls the buck’s rack “deceptive”–which could either help you or throw you totally off. To make matters worse, he adds, “It has several stickers on its burrs, which reveal its old age (6-1/2 or 7-1/2) and ‘downhill’ status,” which could help or throw you off even more.

Once again, let’s review: You are playing for a Bear Attack compound bow (, the company’s new flagship model for 2010 and a prize worth about $750. To win it, you need to guess the gross B&C scores of the bucks I post here each Friday, keep track of your guesses, and on the last Friday tally them up and give me a grand total. If your total is closest to that of the buck’s actual scores, you win the bow.* And remember, fractionals count.
Okay, go ahead and guess at Lawrence’s buck.

Once again, here’s what you are playing for:


*You must be at least 14 years of age to win, and if you are under 18 and win, the bow will be sent your parents.