Hurteau: Buck-Scoring Contest, Round III

Okay, folks, here is the third buck in our rack-scoring contest. ([Click here](/blogs/hunting/2010/04/hurteau-score-more-bucks -win-bear-attack-bow) to see the first and [here](/blogs/hunting/2010/05/hurteau-new-round-ii-buc k-bow-contest) for the second.) As you'll recall, our theme is F&S bucks, and this one is a dandy arrowed by Contributing Editor Lawrence Pyne, who calls the buck's rack "deceptive"--which could either help you or throw you totally off. To make matters worse, he adds, "It has several stickers on its burrs, which reveal its old age (6-1/2 or 7-1/2) and 'downhill' status," which could help or throw you off even more.

Once again, let's review: You are playing for a Bear Attack compound bow (, the company's new flagship model for 2010 and a prize worth about $750. To win it, you need to guess the gross B&C scores of the bucks I post here each Friday, keep track of your guesses, and on the last Friday tally them up and give me a grand total. If your total is closest to that of the buck's actual scores, you win the bow.* And remember, fractionals count.
Okay, go ahead and guess at Lawrence's buck.

Once again, here's what you are playing for:

*You must be at least 14 years of age to win, and if you are under 18 and win, the bow will be sent your parents.