In case any of you missed it, last Friday I announced a two-way tie in the buck-scoring contest. MB915 and jlove51wl were each only 3/8 of an inch off the actual total gross score of our four original bucks. Each has no doubt spent every waking hour since then honing their buck-scoring skills–not to mention sweating bullets–and now each is poised to take home a brand new Bear Attack bow.

Only one will, of course.

So without further ado, finalist: Thanks for your patience and here is your tie-breaker buck, for which I am offering no information at this point. Post your best guess at this deer’s gross B&C score, to the nearest 8th of an inch, in the comment section below. You have until Friday afternoon (when I get back from hunting turkeys in the morning) to respond. Whoever is closest will be hunting with this bow next fall:

As for the rest of you, feel free to offer a guess. You don’t stand to win a prize, but, hey, there’s your pride after all.