Wow. Very impressive people. Out of roughly 200 guesses, almost 40 of you–a whopping 20 percent–came within 5 inches of the actual total gross B&C scores of our four bucks. And two of you–the closest guessers–were each just 3/8 of an inch off. So let’s break down the bucks:

My buck (buck 1) grosses 136 1/8. When I arrowed this deer, everybody who saw it guessed it at around 140. And why not, its spread is over 19 inches and the longest tine is a little more than 11. But ain’t quite as big as it looks, which goes to show how tough it is to top 140 with an 8 pointer. (Not that I’m complaining. He’s just fine the way he is.)

Speaking of a great frame, Scott’s buck (buck 2) is about as pretty a deer as you could hope to shoot, so even and tall. But because it doesn’t have a ton of mass, folks have a tendency to underestimate it a little, including Scott, he says, until he scored it: It grosses 157 2/8.

If you remember, when I posted buck 3, I quoted Lawrence as saying that the rack is “deceptive.” What did he mean by that? “The tines are relatively short,” he says. “In fact, when I first walked up on this buck I thought he’d score much less than he did. But with it’s great mass, width, and long main beams (29″ and 28″), the rack wound up in the 160s.” To be exact, 165 7/8 gross.

Jay’s buck (buck 4) is another one that can fool you. At first glance, you might have no trouble putting this deer well into the 140s. But when you look closer, you realize he’s not super-wide (a little over 16 inches) or tall (with only one tine over 8 inches). A fabulous buck to be sure, at 138 7/8 gross, but not necessarily as big as he looks at first. (I’m promise you, Jay is not complaining either). Put them all together and you get a total of 598 even.

That means our two finalists are MB915 (598 3/8) and jlove51wl (597 5/8). So congratulations. One of you is going to win a brand new Bear Attack bow (pictured below). But for now, hang back. Bask in your glory (or bite your fingernails) over the weekend, and I will put up a tie-breaker buck early next week.