Whitetail Hunting photo
Whitetail Hunting photo


Have you noticed the sudden composting craze among Wisconsin deer hunters. No, not yet? Well it can’t be far off. Before the summer is over, hunters all across The Badger State will be heard saying, “Yeah, I’m really into composting. I’ve got six, seven piles. It’s so, you know…responsible…and everything. . ..”

From Fox News:

_A state appeals court says a farmer was within his rights when he hunted deer over a compost pile.

In November 2008 a Department of Natural Resources warden discovered [Hayward farmer Gary W.] Blinkwolt bow hunting from the stand over piles of corn, squash and shattered pumpkins. Blinkwolt said he was composting and couldn’t till the area because his tractor was broken. The warden still cited him for illegally baiting.

A circuit court judge found him not guilty, calling the compost pile a reasonable agricultural practice.