From the story in the Helena Independent Record:

The Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commission voted last week to at least double the quota for the state’s 2010 wolf-hunting season. Last year’s quota was 75 animals. The commissioners decided that, after a public comment period, they will vote in July whether the 2010 quota will be 150, 186 or 216 wolves. The proposed quotas — which do not include wolves killed by wildlife officials responding to complaints of attacks on livestock — would reduce the state’s wolf population between 8 percent and 20 percent from last year’s minimum count of 524 wolves, according to state wildlife computer models.

The commissioners made their decision a few days after we first asked readers to weigh in on the issue with our Question of the Week: “Should Montana increase its wolf-hunting quota from 75 to 186 or 216 for the 2010 hunting season?” Of the 173 responses we received, 103, or approximately 60 percent, were “yes.” The other 40 percent, 70 responses, were “no.”