From the Oklahoman:

_An attempt will be made next week to shoot down the governor’s veto of a measure that would have allowed residents with concealed handgun permits to openly carry their weapons, the author of the measure said Friday.

“The override will begin in the House. There will be one,” said Rep. Rex Duncan, author of House Bill 3354. “It’ll be this next week, probably earlier than later in the week.” Gov. Brad Henry… said trained and licensed Oklahomans already may protect themselves by carrying concealed handguns, and it doesn’t make anyone safer to wear a holster and display that weapon to others.

“On the contrary, it makes it more difficult and dangerous for law enforcement officers to try to sort out the good guys and bad guys when they arrive at a crime scene,” he said. Duncan, R-Sand Springs, called the governor’s comments ridiculous. He said he expected only a small percentage of the nearly 97,000 concealed carry license holders would carry their weapons openly._

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