Oregon hunters may have to wear blaze orange next year. This is making some of them see red…

From this story on Oregon Public Broadcasting:
The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife kicks off a month of public meetings across the state Monday. Hunters are expected to give the agency an earful over a proposal requiring them to wear orange. Forty states already require hunters to wear orange clothing the same shade as a traffic cone. Not Oregon. But now the State Commission on Fish and Wildlife is considering changing the rules for the 2011 hunting season. Duane Dungannon is with the Oregon Hunters Association. He says hunters don’t want to be told what to wear. And the risk of being accidentally shot is low. Duane Dungannon: “In hunter education you’re taught to identify your target and what is beyond it. We don’t recommend anyone dress like a deer. But I’ve never seen a hunter look like anything other than a hunter.” About one person dies in Oregon each year in a hunting accident. According to the state Department of Fish and Wildlife, most hunters don’t voluntarily wear orange. And visibility is a factor in about half those deaths.