From the story in the Oregon Mail Tribune:

_Two Jackson County poachers received lifetime hunting bans in Oregon and throughout much of the country after pleading guilty to misdemeanor crimes of hunting bears with dogs or bait. In racking up their second violation in two years of Oregon’s 16-year-old ban on using hounds to hunt cougars and bears as well as baiting bears, 42-year-old Terry Clearwater and 37-year-old Brian Gerke received mandatory lifetime suspensions of their hunting privileges in Oregon.

__Oregon has joined 30 states in the Wildlife Violator Compact, in which they honor each other’s hunting and angling suspensions. That means Clearwater and Gerke’s lifetime bans also will keep them from hunting throughout most of the West, Midwest and South. The pair also were sentenced last week to probation, fines and community service for their crimes. Clearwater, of Butte Falls, and Gerke, of Shady Cove, were the targets of a 2008 undercover investigation by Oregon State Police troopers who believed the pair were partners in an operation that illegally used bait and hounds to kill bears and cougars, according to the OSP._

Thoughts? And here’s a question: Why haven’t the other 20 states signed up for the Wildlife Violator Compact?