Back in the mid-1980s, Kenny Jarrett caused bolt-action rifle shooters to mess themselves by building guns that shot sub-MOA, regardless of caliber. Now he has turned his hand to the AR family of guns. He will rebuild yours (provided it has a gas tube) so it will really shoot for around $1,600, or he’ll build one from scratch with all-aftermarket parts and one of his own barrels for $3,800.


The rifle he lent me to shoot is one of the latter; it has a Low Pro DPMS upper, an Advance Armaments lower, a Jewell two-stage trigger, and medium-heavy barrel. The rifle, with a Trijicon 5X-20X tactical scope on board, weighs 10.5 pounds, and the trigger breaks at 2 even. Does it shoot? I would say so. I tested it with some of Jay Jarrett’s handloads (it’s actually Jay’s rifle), Federal match ammo, and some of my own handloads. The Federal match averaged around .500; Jay’s fodder ran in the .400-.350 range, and my own ammo printed groups of .400 to as small as .166, which you can cover with a dime and have quite a bit to spare.


Kindly note that the rifle will not shoot this way with tracer rounds made for the Transylvanian Army; you have to feed it match ammo or handloads to get it to produce. But then if you spend this kind of money for a gun and don’t take some pains with the ammo you have problems besides large groups.

I don’t believe Kenny has any information about his AR work on his website, but his phone is 803-471-3616.