I don’t know about you, but watching the ongoing disaster in the Gulf has me feeling pretty helpless. If I didn’t have a day job or a family, I’d hop in the truck and drive down to Louisiana to do some volunteer work. Like many of you, I’ve fished the Gulf (Venice, in particular), and I know there are few places like that on Earth. In fact, I’ve caught dolphin and wahoo with Captain Devlin Roussel around what was the Deepwater Horizons rig.

But I just heard about a group called Matters of Trust, based in San Francisco, that is collecting dog hair to stuff into booms and to weave into oil-sopping mats. Dog hair it turns out is oil adsorbent, which means it attracts oil as opposed to absorbing it. It seems dog groomers across the country are now shipping clipped hair to the organization’s warehouse to be stuffed into booms. Is this just a PR play? Hard to say for sure. Hanes did donate some 50,000 pairs of nylon stockings.

All of this works nicely in my recent plans to give Pritchard a trim. (For the record, the hilarious photo above ended up in my inbox. Gives new meaning to the term guard dog.) It’ll be 90 degrees here in Charleston, SC, today and that’s just the start of it. Summer will be warm and my dog will be outdoors for a majority of it, whether training or on the boat. While I hate to think of my dog as even remotely “coiffed,” I know Pritchard will be cooler for it–and come dove season we’ll be able to avoid a few of the burs that get into her fur. The trick is to have a full coat by the time the frigid weather of duck season rolls around.

I haven’t committed to the trim just yet, but If I do maybe I’ll send Pritch’s hair off to make booms. She is a water dog after all.

Any of you thinking of giving the dogs a summer shave? Or volunteering to help out in the Gulf?