Most of you who follow this blog know that Pritchard is as much of a fish dog as she is a gun dog. From her very early puppy days I’ve brought her fishing on the boat, and she now has a better pair of sea legs than most people I know. For the most part, she sits forward of the center console and watches the action. But she’s also a bit of a camera hog when a nice fish comes aboard–as you can see from the photo below. And she’s been known to loose her cool–barking like mad–whenever we have a shark in or near the boat. Otherwise, she’s a rock-solid fishing partner.


But I fear Pritch is no match for the dog in the below video. The dog, which appears to be a boxer, is a fish catching machine. Granted these look to be farm-raised catfish, but it’s still pretty impressive. Not sure how the dog avoids the dorsal spines but it seems to have figured it out.

I surely don’t want Pritch jumping off the boat to retrieve a school of mullet, so I won’t be running any fish-retrieving drills this summer. I’m just content to have another place to spend time with my pup while in the outdoors.

Wondering if your dogs join will be joining you on the water this Memorial Day weekend? Or if you have one that’s a true fish retriever?