In light of Dave’s recent post about the Enfield rifle it seems appropriate to post this video. Not only has the Enfield taken every species of game in our world, apparently it’s the rifle of choice in Lego World, too.

Actually, if you search “Lego Weapons” videos you will find all kinds of guns made out of everyone’s favorite plastic bricks. Of the ones I have watched* I like the Enfield best because it has an actual turn-bolt action like the real thing. Check out the “G36C semiauto” too.

Any of you out there with grade-school aged kids may be sitting on the raw materials for a vertible Lego arsenal. All it takes to turn Lego into weapons is lots of black bricks and way too much time on your hands.
*Yes, I get to sit around the house searching the web for videos of Lego weapons and call it “work.” I love this job._