Hunting Dogs photo

It’s time to announce the winner of one of our most ferociously competitive caption contests yet. Your creativity was spurred on by a great photo from our friend and photographer Tosh Brown–and, of course, by the great prize–a Magnum Flyway Blind Bag– donated by L.L. Bean.

Before I get to the winner, here’s the real scoop on the photo. When Brown snapped the image, he was on a sharptail hunt with the outfitter Bob Tinker of Horse Feathers Lodge in South Dakota. Tinker placed the blue tubs throughout his spread of a couple of thousand acres and kept them filled with fresh water. His dogs would beeline for the buckets whenever they were hot or thirsty. Apparently this dog knew how to cool off quick.

Hunting Dogs photo


Now for your take on the image. Many of you mined the bathwater punch line. Here’s jersey pig’s take:

Ah-ha! A pheasant trying to sneak up on me while I am bathing!

And Cgull added this:

Where’s that switch for the bubbles?

Trapper made us chuckle with this caption:

Next time book on Priceline so I can fit in the pool.

Mad dog9999 took honorable mention with his take on the photo:

As easy as pointing fish in a barrel.

But in the end the winner was yamfam. Here’s his laugher:

I hate it when I step in cow sh*t!

Congrats, yamfam. Send me your shipping info at, and we’ll get the bag headed your way. Many thanks to the rest of you for playing. Keep your eye out for more free stuff in the near future.