Here’s a new quest for the globe-trotting hunter who’s bagged everything: trophy tarantulas…

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_Hunting for tarantulas and then eating them is the latest craze for tourists visiting Cambodia. Holidaymakers are joining locals in hunting tarantulas, which are considered to be a local treat.

Locals hunt spider holes and then consume the creatures immersed in soy sauce, deep fried in salt and garlic, or mixed into rice wine and jack fruit cocktails. They go to the forests or cashew nut plantations on the outskirts of Sukon and poke sticks down the hundreds of spider holes, catching them as they rush out of the earth, reports

Locals in Kampong Cham Town and Sukon, where tarantulas are more commonly eaten, are giving even the tourists a taste of this experience. Tarantulas are also bred in fields in these areas, and since they are nocturnal, the hunting is done during the daytime to increase the chance of capture. Locals found the spiders tasty and began to experiment with flavours and dishes.Tarantulas in Sukon are sold for around 10 cents each and for 2.5 dollars with rice wine.
How do you score a trophy tarantula? Leg length? Fang size? Overall weight? What’s the best tarantula stick caliber? Full-body mount or maybe just a snarling head with bared fangs and all eight eyes staring at you? Any good tarantula jerky recipes? All questions just waiting to be answered by adventurous American hunters bored with hunting large mammals…