For the better part of a year I held off from feeding anything to Pritchard that wasn’t dog food or a puppy biscuit. (Though on a tip from a trainer I often used Goldfish as a treat when doing early training work. They’re cheap and easy to carry in a pocket. Problem is, I ended up eating a hell of a lot of Goldfish, too.) I remained strong against my wife’s pleas to share our dinner leftovers with Pritchard–often a nugget of steak or strip of chicken. I refused simply because I did not want Pritch to become a table beggar or, worse, a dog that lunges for the tabletop and grabs a quick bite.


I eventually cracked. These days after a great training session or if I’m feeling especially generous, I’ll sneak a piece of meat in Pritchard’s bowl when our dinner is over. (I still will not feed Pritch anything directly from the table.) My wife swears she can see the delight on the dog’s face when she discovers her bonus morsel.

There is, of course, an entire sect of the dog owners who only feed their dogs home cooked meals. In fact, the Healthy Dog Cookbook has recipes ranging from a Doggie Delight Omelet to Salmon Pasta in Yogurt Dill Sauce. No Joke. I don’t have the time, the inclination, or the cash to cook for my pup, but I guess some people do. As always, I’m curious of your routine. You ever feed the pup table scraps? Would you cook a full meal for your dog? Or do you strictly stick to dog food? (If so, click here for some feeding guidelines.)