From this story on Northwest Florida Daily News:

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission voted Wednesday to end the practice of training hunting dogs in fenced enclosures known as “fox pens.” About 80 people, both supporters and opponents of the practice, turned up at the commission meeting to voice their opinion on the fox pen issue, said Henry Cabbage, commission spokesman. Opponents believe the pen hunts are cruel. Foxes and coyotes are brought in and released for hunting dogs to pursue. _DeFuniak Springs resident Jeremy Maines helped bring the penning issue to the forefront when he created the website, which featured a video of dogs mauling a cornered coyote.

Supporters contended the practice was “a valued family tradition,” according to an FWC news release. They argued the animals being hunted have avenues of escape. After six hours of debate, and a lengthy discussion of their own, commissioners voted unanimously to make pen hunting illegal, Cabbage said. “The commission felt since animals were in an enclosure it didn’t feel like a fair chase, which is an important aspect of recreational hunting,” he said. Chairman Rodney Barreto was quoted in the FWC news release as saying, “I don’t believe this is fair chase. “I feel Florida needs to be a leader in America. We need to end the use of these enclosures and end them now.” The fox pens won’t be outlawed officially until the commission meets again in September and passes an order banning the practice, Cabbage said._

So is it a valued family tradition or a canned hunt that should have been banned? Reaction?