At long last, the answer to the much-debated cost of Pritchard’s recent Vet bill. To quickly recap, she was gnawing on her front leg like Brittney Spears on a chicken wing. The Vet ruled out food allergies given the location of the area Pritch was chewing (apparently food allergies don’t often manifest themselves on the front legs). The vet decided to shave her leg to look for a bite or some sort. No bite, but plenty of infected pustules from the constant chewing. We left with an antibiotic, an antihistamine (which we were cut a break on since we had some leftovers from a previous visit), and a leg shave (during which Pritch peed the floor in protest–no extra charge for cleanup).


I carped about the bill being high, as it was an unexpected visit, but given the majority of the guesses I am either a poor, starving writer or just a skinflint. Bluecollarkid suggested a cost of $1,500, and MPN tossed out $1,200.75. Those weren’t even in the ballpark. Many of you guessed in the $500 range. Glad those weren’t close either. And bigbassfisher simply said “too doggone much.”

In the end, I agree with many of you: No price is too high to keep our best friends healthy. Just ask Douglas, who from the sound of it is going through some rough times with his “beloved Brit, Jennie.” She was just diagnosed with a malignant tumor. Douglas, our thoughts are with you and Jennie. And with jg8881, who recently lost two dogs in a very short period. As he put it, “You can never do too much for your dogs. The memories are great and the future is hard to look at, but I was as blessed as God can be to a dog owner.”

Thankfully, Pritch recovered nicely from her malady. And now for the answer: the cost of Pritch’s visit to the Vet was $161.42, making ARBlack45 the winner with his guess of $160. ARBlack45, send me an email ( with your address and I’ll ship out the training dummies. Congrats. And thanks for playing along, all. More free stuff to come in the future.