From this story on in Wisconsin:
_An 18-year-old homeless man is facing charges in connection to animal mistreatment after an altercation in Warner Park this weekend. Nathan Kittoe was arrested on Saturday night after he attacked a woman at Warner Park, Madison police said. Kittoe threatened the woman and knocked her down after she commented on his attempts to chase Canada geese around the park. Police said that Kittoe was chasing geese with a 2-by-4 piece of wood. Kittoe allegedly told the woman that the geese were his food.

__Police responded to the park and found several trash bins on fire. They said they believe the fires were started by Kittoe and they found the bones of burned animals in one of the trash cans. Howard Payne, Madison police’s public information officer, said he believed Kittoe was living at the park. A court date hasn’t been set, authorities said. Police declined to comment on whether Kittoe could face charges for threatening the woman._

I’m pretty sure “2×4” isn’t listed as a federally-approved non-toxic shot…