Here’s a hypothetical: You’re motoring down the highway when doe bounds from the roadside grasses. You jump on the brake pedal, but it’s too late. After pulling your smoking rig off the blacktop, you see that there’s nothing to do for the doe–but a rustle in the grass reveals a just-born fawn. It can’t be more than hours old, and is utterly helpless. What do you do?

Leave it? Or help it?

Of course, no one would blame you for helping the poor thing. Anyone would understand that when you’re actually staring into the big, brown eyes of a helpless baby deer whose mother you’re going to turn into sausage, it’s tough to just leave it there.

On the other hand, if you help it, one thing can lead to another. Just ask Toledo police Sgt. Mark Fry, whose predicament is only slightly different from our hypothetical.

From Fox Toledo News:

So I’ll ask again: What do you do with the baby deer by the side of the road?