This week we’re headed to to Greenville, Ohio, to learn about an English Setter named Briley. The dog is owned by Kevin Kester, but it sounds like six-year-old Ian (shown in the photo) is Briley’s main man.

Like many of us, Kevin had a hard time choosing his pup when presented with a writhing mass of a litter last December. But Briley found a way to stand out:

“I noticed a little pup in the back struggling to climb the pile,” says Kester. “Then he suddenly turned and ran to the rear of the kennel then ran back and launched himself onto the pile, and with that my choice was made. The little guy had impressed me.”

Now onto the questions.

Name: Sloopys Buckeye Briley (aka Briley)

Breed: English Setter

Age: 7 months

Type of hunting: Pheasant, grouse, quail

Favorite place to hunt together: We plan on being on live game birds within the next month, but for now we’re focused on training dummies and birds in the grown up fields around our hometown and the cedars that line our backyard…sparrows beware!!

Moment you are most proud of: I had been concerned because Briley hadn’t been pointing much at all. One day my girlfriend and her boys hung a birdfeeder in our cherry tree and he almost lost his mind! He now points everything that flies, creeps, or crawls. And of course, she takes credit for it!
Moment you would like to forget:** The evening Briley decided to turn the boys’ huge stuffed ladybug into his “girlfriend” right in front of them. Ummm…OK Mom you handle this one!

What has your dog taught you: Briley has taught me two very important things. First of all, he taught me about patience. In this fast-pace, instant-gratification world we live in, the things we want the most are worth waiting for. And when they arrive they become all the more valuable.

Secondly, through watching him with the boys (Ian, 6 and Evan, 3) he has reminded me of how important the bond between a child and their first dog can be. There is a love there on both sides that can never be broken or repeated.
If Briley could talk he would say:** “Look man, I’ve done everything you’ve asked and I know there’s more to this than what you’ve shown me, so let’s get on with it!”

That’s a fine looking animal, Kevin. Keep up the great work. And keep those boys around Briley. Sounds like those are some future dog men, for sure.

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