Whitetail Hunting photo
Whitetail Hunting photo


It’s a loaded question, I know. With all of the varieties of hot sauce out there (a Google shopping search revealed 51,306 results), how can you pick just one as the best? I know this is one instance where I have trouble with commitment, which is why I have currently have three types of hot sauce in my fridge. Not to mention the plentiful pile of packets I’ve hoarded from various deliveries. I just can’t bring myself to throw them away.

There is one bottle of fire, however, that I reach for more often than the others. I’ll eat it with breakfast, lunch, or dinner, drizzling it on eggs, salads, chops, and just about everything else known to man. I’m talking about Sriracha.

If you’ve never tried Sriracha, make it a point to pick some up at the grocery store today.

Look for the bottle with the green top and the white rooster. But go easy with this stuff–at first, anyway–because it packs a serious kick. I love three things about this sauce: the heat, the thick consistency, and the garlic. Sriracha goes perfect with venison or wild turkey, but it’s an even better match with fish–freshwater or salt.

But, I know hot sauce is a passionate subject, so I’d like to open it up to you all: What’s your favorite hot sauce for fish and game? –Colin