Here’s one from the “I wouldn’t want to meet that beaver in a dark alley” files…

From this story in the Toronto Globe and Mail:
_Park officials and RCMP in central Alberta are concerned someone may have taken matters into their own hands by shooting and killing a beaver following reports last week that one of the rodents in the area had killed a dog. Red Deer parks superintendent Trevor Poth said a dead beaver was discovered by a canoeist paddling in the Three Mile Bend recreation area this week, the same area where a beaver had been attacking dogs.

__”The beaver had clearly been shot while in the park so we’re just shocked and dismayed that someone would discharge a firearm within the city limits. Certainly within a park they’re endangering park users and wildlife in the area,” Mr. Poth said. A beaver had killed a husky at an off-leash park in the area earlier this month. That beaver might have been attempting to protect its young. The city’s parks department initially said it would fatally trap the beavers in the area, but later abandoned the plan when local landowners stepped forward and offered to have them transferred to their property._

First, a beaver that’s mean enough to kill a husky-sized dog is not any kind of rodent to be trifled with. Second, any local landowner who’d agree to take in said dog-killing beaver might want to consider packing some heat on their evening walks.