The picture here was snapped the other day on the Gun Nut TV Midwestern Outdoor Soundstage* and shows me examining the sheet I have just shot half a dozen times. Shooting a bedsheet is a quick and easy way to learn if your gun fits.


Here’s what you do: Hang it up, make an aiming mark on it, and measure off 16 yards. From there, start from a gun down position, mount the gun smoothly and shoot without hesitation when the butt touches your shoulder. Don’t correct if you perceive you’re off target, just keep shooting at the mark. After five or six shots a hole will appear, indicating the average center of all your shots. If the hole is centered over the mark, or is an inch or so high, your gun fits you perfectly for field shooting. Every inch off the point of aim will require a 1/16 of an inch correction to your gunstock’s drop or cast, according to gunfitting theory.

If the point of impact and point of aim differ significantly, roll up your sheet and take it and your gun to a gunsmith.

As you see from the hole in the purple triangle, this gun doesn’t need much adjustment for me.

*Aka Highland Hideaway in Riverside, Iowa, my neighborhood sporting clays course and hunting preserve.