Maybe the rifle shown here is the answer to the AR 15’s “black rifle” image problem. Who couldn’t love a rifle like this? I think it’s cute. My son took one look and changed his Facebook status to “I just saw a Hello Kitty AR15!” He wants one.


This is a real rifle. the odd grip was intended to make it “California Legal” (no pistol grips or collapsible stocks in CA); the magazine, by C Products, looks high-cap but holds only 10 rounds. The paint job was done by Armory Airbrush.

The cuddly pink rifle reminds me that the National Shooting Sports Foundation is currently trying to remake the AR’s image not by painting black rifles pink ,but by renaming them “MSRs” (Modern Sporting Rifle) as seen in ads like this one:

In its campaign the NSSF correctly points out that many commonly used sporting rifles, such as bolt actions, began as weapons of war, and that the AR/MSR is simply the latest iteration of that trend.

It will be interesting to see if gun owners, by and large a resolutely politically incorrect group, will adopt the new terminology, and interesting too, to see if changes public perception.