Let me apologize again for not posting a buck last Friday. If you saw Wednesday’s post you know why. In any case, here is the next buck in our competition–a fine-looking 8-pointer taken last November during Vermont’s Youth Deer Hunting weekend by F&S Contributing Editor Lawrence Pyne’s 10-year-old son Jake, who made a one-shot kill with a cut-down Ruger 77/44 in .44 Mag.


Let’s review. You are playing for a brand new pair of Cabela’s Alaskan Guide Full-Size Binoculars in your choice of 8×42 or 10×42–a prize worth about $500. To win the glass, you need to guess the gross B&C scores of the bucks I post here each Friday (excepting last Friday), keep track of your guesses, and on the last Friday tally them up and give me a grand total. If your total is closest to that of the buck’s actual scores, you win the binoculars. And remember, fractionals count.

Okay, go ahead and guess at Jake’s buck.