A tuna loin cut from a fish caught that day is sexy. There, I said it. It’s frigid from being stored is a slurry of crushed ice and seawater. Trimmed to perfection. Blood red. No matter how fresh tuna you buy at the market may be, I promise it doesn’t have the same rich, savory smell as a bluefin, yellowfin, or bigeye cut at the dock.


I eat lots of fish. No doubt, a dish of pure white crappie fillets or a thick striper steak is pretty, too. But for me, nothing is more pleasing to the eyes than a tuna loin. I know people who feel the same way about a trimmed and gutted trout or a bright orange piece of salmon lying on a wood cutting board. When it comes to deer, I’ll admit I’m a sucker for a fresh backstrap, all tender and juicy and itching to take a dunk in some teriyaki sauce.

So forget about recipes and the end result on the table. What’s the cut of game or fish that has your mouth watering before you even fire the grill or heat the oven? What looks most delicious in raw form? I know you know what I’m talking about. –Joe Cermele