Earlier in the summer, I asked you to guess them amount of Pritchard’s Vet bill after a visit for a skin reaction. Many of you overestimated, which made it clear that we all pay good money to get them right when they’re ill. Thankfully, Pritchard has been healthy, but I know I’d drop some serious change if she were to need it. According to recent survey from, I’m not alone.


Sixty-two percent of all pet owners (yes, the cat people have been included) would spend $500 on a sick animal. Thirty-five percent of the crowd would drop $2,000, and 22 percent were willing to spend $5,000 for their pet.

I’m in no financial position to spend $5,000 on Pritch, but I would. Of course, I’d use some common sense, but right now I can’t imagine life without her.

I’m curious, what’s the most you’ve spent on a sick dog? What would you be willing to spend?