First, some of you probably noticed that I did not put up a new buck last Friday for the current scoring contest. It’s not my fault. The editor-in-chief insisted I meet him on the best dry-fly trout water in the East to discuss a few work-related things and figure out if the fish attached to the great big heads breaking the surface were taking size 18 sulfurs or size 20 olives, as well as whether the butterball browns we caught weighed a little under or a little over 4 pounds. I think a little over.

So again, it’s Anthony Licata’s fault, and I just want you to know that I’m pefectly happy to forward to him any complaints you might have. I’m working on a new buck now, which I’ll post this Friday.

Meanwhile, it’s time to announce the winner of the moose-shed scoring contest, which was included as a bonus in the last buck-scoring contest post. The winner and soon-to-be recipient of the ruggedly handsome B&C Limited Edition 27th Big-Game Awards Coffee Mug below is…CoyoteHunter, who guessed 31 inches. The actual score, as measured by B&C Big-Game Records Assistant Director Justin Spring, who killed our last buck and found the shed, is 30-2/8 inches. Congratulations CoyoteHunter. I’ll be contacting you soon. Everyone else, kindly look for the next buck in our scoring contest to go up this Friday–assuming I’m not unexpectedly imposed upon to catch a bunch of big fish or shoot something.