This week Boone and Crockett Big-Game Records Assistant Director Justin Spring (who is mysteriously still friendly to Scott and I despite our constantly badgering him to do unpaid research for F&S) sent us the photos below and a note, reading:

I am a huge fan of the scoring contest you guys have going on the blog. I thought I would forward a pic for your consideration. Here’s a smallish whitetail I took on public land in Montana during my only day of deer hunting last fall (elk kept me busy). The fun part is that I found a moose shed while hiking up to retrieve the deer. Maybe the score of the shed could be included for an added twist.


I love it. So here’s the deal: Justin’s buck is the second of four I’ll post in our contest for the Cabela’s Alaskan Guide Full-Size Binoculars pictured here. Take your best shot at his Montana whitetail’s gross B&C score and keep track of your guess. Eventually, I’ll ask you to tally up your scores for all four bucks and give me a grand total. The person who guesses closest to the actual total wins the binoculars.


Meanwhile, as a bonus for this post only, the person who guesses closest to the B&C score of the moose shed in this picture gets a B&C Limited Edition 27th Big-Game Awards Coffee Mug. So in the comments section below, you may offer a guess at Justin’s buck if you want or choose to wait until I ask for your grand-total score. However, if you want the mug, you have to post your guess at the moose shed now. (Says Justin: “Moose are scored [length of palm]+[width of palm]+[circumference at base]+[number of points as defined by B&C].” Click here for details.)

Okay, have at it.