For reasons too mysterious to ponder, dogs are all over the Whitetail Headlines this week, and so we have our first and probably last all-canine deer-news round up, including commentary, beginning with:

Protective Doe Stomps Dog (and Runs Off Cat) in Cranbrook B.C — I somehow missed this when it happened last month. In case you did, too, here’s the now-viral YouTube video–which contains minor profanity, so be warned, and which prompted our next headline:

Cranbrook Mayor Calls for Deer Cull — Um, a little late there, Mr. Mayor.

New York Dog Survives Deer Attack — No word of a deer cull here yet.

Pennsylvania House Bill Would Allow Dogs For Deer Tracking — This is an interesting topic that deserves further discussion. We may get deeper into this one a little later. And finally:

PA Deer Breeder “Forced” To Kill Neighborhood Dogs — Unleashed dogs belonging to an absentee neighbor were killing his fawns. So he turned the tables. Check out the full story. What would you do in this guy’s shoes?