So I’ve been thinking about how I can get you guys to do more of my work. Deeter and Romano at FlyTalk have you writing captions a couple times a month. Wild Chef Colin Kearns has you forking over secret family turkey recipes. And over at Man’s Best Friend, DiBenedetto has you writing captions, submitting photos, and filling out forms for crying out loud. You’re going to be in charge of Pritch’s poop chart soon–and the damndest thing is that you’re going to like it.


Why can’t I think of stuff like that?

Then it hit me: I’m working too hard trying to work less hard. All I have to do is steal from these guys. So here’s a picture. Write me some captions, would you? And try to keep it clean. (Or don’t. Either way, really.)

Seriously, whoever writes the best caption will win some fancy new deer calls. Exactly what deer calls I can’t say just now, but don’t worry; something’s bound to turn up next time I clean my office. Both deer in the picture, by the way, are bucks.