At no time did the Obama administration’s disconnect from reality shine more brightly than last November, when Attorney General Eric Holder announced that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his four fellow 9/11 conspirators would be tried in Federal court in lower Manhattan. People who had some grasp of reality pointed out to the A.G. that such a trial would turn lower Manhattan into an armed camp, cost millions which New York did not have, create a backlog of other trials that would take 15 years to clean up, and paint a big bull’s-eye on the Big Apple. The AG snorted and farted and announced that other venues would be considered, although New York was still in the running.

Now I have learned from a friend of mine in Arizona that the BATFE is pulling agents from elsewhere to minutely examine every FFL in that state, looking for evidence that Mexican drug gangs are getting their weapons from FFL dealers in Arizona. Only in the wonderful world that Eric Holder inhabits could such a thing be imagined.

The Mexican drug cartels have unlimited money and unlimited contacts, and buy military weapons on a scale and scope formerly reserved for well funded armies. I have a large picture of an Arizona dealer calling in a NICS check on a dozen 12.7mm heavy machine guns while the Mexican buyer waits impatiently, tapping his foot.

I’m sure that we’re going to hear in the future that Arizona is a “major source of illicit arms” or something along those lines even when nothing is found. For the delusional, all things are possible. And we’re still waiting to hear where the Sheikh will stand before the bar.