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My friend Allie and I probably have at least one thing in common with you: We would eat S’mores for dessert every day if we could. As delicious as the quintessential campfire dessert is, this weekend we wanted something a little different. So Allie suggested a campfire recipe from her days as a camp counselor: “Shutter Ups.” (The name implies just what these treats do to chatty campers.)


Just what is a Shutter Up, exactly? Instead of the Hershey’s chocolate, imagine a browned marshmallow folding over a melting vanilla caramel candy. We even took the recipe a step deeper into the delicious by replacing the graham cracker with crispy chocolate chip cookies.

For this experiment, Allie and I were limited to roasting our marshmallows over the stove of a tiny apartment kitchen. Although we couldn’t sit around a fire in the middle of the woods, the toasty marshmallow goo tasted like a hundred favorite summer nights. –_CJ Lotz
Square caramel candies
Chocolate chip cookies (or graham crackers)

Slide your marshmallow onto a stick. Follow it with a square caramel candy, so you’ve got a sweet shish kebab. Roast it over the fire (or the stove–we understand the craving can hit whenever) until the marshmallow is golden brown. Take your cookies or graham crackers and slide off both the marshmallow and the caramel. The caramel will fold inside the marshmallow and the whole thing will be a warm mess of caramel marshmallow goop.

The best part about this treat is the surprise of the caramel. A warm vanilla fragrance infuses the marshmallow as the caramel melts, and the chocolate chips soften. Every flavor blends to create the best campfire dessert we’ve ever chewed…and chewed. And chewed.

Got any modifications on the classic S’more? What’s your favorite dessert to cook when you’re camping?