Toss a Canned Sandwich in Your Pack


Food has always been an integral part of the outdoors experience, whether it's a traditional shore lunch, some delicious deer-camp Dutch oven treat or a few pieces of cold fried chicken wrapped up in the bottom of your day pack. Yep, nothing tops off a great morning's fishing or hunting better than leaning back on a stump in some bucolic setting, and popping the top on your favorite can of... sandwich.

From this story on Consumerist:
The latest innovation in sandwich technology is the Candwich, the sandwich in a can. The foodstuff is sold inside a 3oz pop-top can and comes in three delicious flavors: PBJ Strawberry, PBJ Grape, and BBQ Chicken. Thankfully, only the first two have candy surprises inside.

I've eaten a lot of nasty food in my life, but I think I'll draw the line at the Candwich. I'm not sure even Bear Grylls - a man not known for a discriminating palate - would touch this stuff. What about you?