Remember last week’s news that Minnesota had approved a sandhill crane season? Well, it seems the idea of a crane season has upset some people…

From this story on Minnesota Public Radio:
_Complaints are surfacing about the DNR’s plan for a season on sandhill cranes.

Audubon Minnesota and the Minnesota Conservation Federation say the DNR bypassed its usual public input process.

__Audubon’s Don Arnosti says the DNR seems to be trying to avoid controversy.

“We’re appalled at the unilateral actions of the commissioner to take a species that has been in protected status for a century in this state, and in the middle of the summer, with no public hearings, just announce that there will be basically an over-the-counter sale of these birds for anybody who wants to take them,” he said.

The DNR announced the season this month . It will take place in far northwestern Minnesota in September and early October_