I’ve bragged before on this blog that Pritchard is natural boat dog, but yesterday morning while surrounded by a school of blitzing Spanish mackerel and diving birds I had to restrain her from going overboard. It seems the excitement was too much for her. She wanted to be in the water amongst the fray. (Time for an obedience refresher. Sit means Sit–not sit and get up when you want.)

All of that to say, as much as Pritchard loves the water I have no idea how she would take to SCUBA diving. As reported in the L.A. Times, the dachshund in this video doesn’t really have much choice in the matter. Its owner is certainly trying to get the most out of his time with the dog. And he seems to have put a fair amount of time and effort into creating the perfect doggie drysuit. But I wonder if there are times when you’re better off just leaving the pup onshore?

Enjoy the video and the weekend.