Whitetail Hunting photo

If someone in your house accidently left the TV tuned to “The Bachelorette” this Monday, you may have seen something interesting to hunters. Such things are usually not as interesting to “Bachelorette” stars. While on a visit to meet the family of a final suitor (Kirk), the potential-father-in-law took leading lady Ali to see his taxidermy studio.


The camera followed Ali down the stairs and showed her jaw drop into an “Oh my God,” as she saw Pete’s walls covered with mounts. From trophy bucks to squirrels, Pete had it all, and it all made Ali cringe.

“I love animals,” she said. “But I love them when they’re alive.”

We called up Pete (of Pete’s True to Life Taxidermy) and asked him how he felt now that the show had aired. The same, he said. He’s done thousands of animals, and he said his work brings them back to life.

“We all like animals alive,” he said. “But we all have to eat also.” He’s got frozen turkey and venison in the freezer next to his kid’s popsicles.

His work was not the reason Ali dismissed his son, he said. The camera zoomed in on animal mouths to exaggerate the scene. Pete wished they had shown the whole animal instead.

By dismissing Kirk (and his family), Ali has no clue what delicious Thanksgiving dinners she’ll be missing. – CJ Lotz