Anyone Have Plans for Dove Season?

So last post I was worked up about duck season and the video of that unbelievable Lab. And I still am. But a friend recently me sent the below image of his dove field along with an invite to come hunt it the first week of the season, which opens September 5 here in South Carolina.

dove season, dove hunting
Plans for dove season?Field & Stream

In preparation, I spent yesterday shooting clays, so I'm not a total embarrassment in the field. My wife is counting on me as she loves jalapeño dove poppers Click here for a killer recipe.) And Pritch, well, Pritch just might pop if I fire away and no birds fall from the sky. (Speaking of, Pritch and I also spent time yesterday at the gun club working on steady as the guns boomed in the background. The added element of the guns certainly help show her true colors--in short, she was rusty.)

Don't know about you but I'm eagerly awaiting bird season. Anyone else going to get in on some dove action this year?