Bear Grylls has squeezed drinking water from animal scat, scaled rock walls with no ropes, waded through snake-infested waters, jumped from countless choppers and survived it all. So what finally happened that forced Grylls to be air-lifted to the hospital? Het got hit in the leg with a camera.

From this story on Entertainment Weekly’s website:
_Daredevil Bear Grylls suffers the worst injury of his four-year TV career in an episode from the upcoming season of Discovery’s Man vs. Wild (starting up this Wednesday): He’s struck in the leg by a camera while glissading (that’s sliding to all you couch potatoes out there) down a mountain.

__That’s right. This guy has braved scorching desserts, faced down poisonous snakes, and parachuted naked from Air Force One into a teacup balanced on a rhinoceros’ horn*, but it was a member of his own crew who nearly did him in. As told by Bear to a group of reporters in NYC this morning, it all went down like this: Bear’s trusty cameraman was momentarily blinded by snow while sliding down a snowy incline beside him; the camera smashed into Bear’s leg, and everyone had to be evacuated to the nearest hospital by a helicopter. Don’t worry, they’re all fine now._