Squirrel Hunting photo

What happens when taxidermy and beer collide? Well, for one thing, you get what’s probably the coolest bottle of beer I’ve ever seen. (I, for one, would proudly display that squirrel on my bookshelf.) Apparently, you also get one damn expensive brew.

You’re looking at the newest beer, called The End of History, from Brew Dog brewery. Each bottle, which is stuffed inside a, er, stuffed critter, touts an insanely strong 55 percent ABV (that’s 11 times stronger than a bottle of Budweiser). But what’s even more staggering is the price tag: about $777…per bottle!


James Watt, managing director for Brew Dog, said The End of History would be a natural pair with wild game: “The beer has nettles and juniper beers in it, and works well with rich, dark meats.”

We’ll have to take Watt on his word because Brew Dog quickly sold out of its very limited supply of 12 bottles of The End of History, and they have no plans to produce any more. As for the animals, there were seven ermines, four squirrels, and one rabbit used to make the bottles. All died of “natural causes,” and each bottle was crafted by a taxidermist in Doncaster, Scotland.

Not that I ever would (or could) spend that kind of money on beer, but I still want one of these guys on my bookshelf. So, to any of our readers who happen to be talented taxidermists, I’ll make you a deal: I’ll buy you a six-pack. Five of the beers are yours to enjoy. All I ask is for one of them back…stuffed inside a stuffed squirrel.