Hunting Dogs photo
Hunting Dogs photo


The proverbial cat-and-dog war seemed to bring out the best in your caption writing abilities. But before we crown a winner let me first thank Pam Kadlec of Just Ducky Kennels who gave us the hilarious shot of a couple of Boykins “treeing” her cat. Or, as Pam put it–a photo of her cat tormenting her Boykins.

Big thanks to Cabela’s for donating the prize–a six-pack of training dummies. In addition, I also promised to scrounge up some dog goodies that have arrived in the mail recently. (Beware: I get some odd things sent my way.) But let’s get to the good stuff.

MLH continued to prove his caption prowess with an entry that many of the guys could relate to: Pole dancing cat huge hit at kennel.

And Creek Chub hit on one of the canine world’s biggest mysteries: I hear you guys eat cat poop. Let’s confirm…

Ontario Honker gave us a laugher with his gymnastics reference: Nice balance beam routine, Kitty. Now show us the dismount.

ARhunter once again made it into the top tier with this caption. Bobcat hunting training part 1

Maballz came out of caption-writing retirement to provide this one: Lets see… there are two of you and one of me… why don’t you find 5 more friends and it’ll be an even fight!
Jeff4066 was just out of the money (or, more precisely, training dummies) with this entry: _I’m going out for chicken. You want me to bring back anything? Heh heh
But the winner goes to tirdypointbuck for this gem: _Cat: It’s what’s for dinner

Congrats, tirdypointbuck. Send me your shipping address at and I’ll get your prize in the mail. And thanks to all of you who participated. More free stuff to come very soon.