And we have a winner.

But first, let me detail just how good you people are. In the last contest, an astounding 20 percent of contestants guessed within 5 inches of the actual total gross score of our four bucks. I figured you’d have a tougher go with sub-P&Y-class bucks this time around, and you did. But not much. Twenty-three contestants–more than 15 percent of you–guessed within 5 inches, including former winner buddyboy25 and former finalists mwmrtn and Taylor1. You guys are studs. Okay, let’s get to the buck’s:

Buck #1, my first bow buck, grosses 95 1/8. Buck #2, B&C Big Game Records Assistant Director Justin Spring’s Montana whitetail, goes 96 4/8. Buck #3, young Jake Pyne’s fine North Woods buck, tallies 84 2/8. And Buck #4, Marv Bestul’s first bow buck, at age 78, grosses 76 1/8. That means that the total gross B&C score for all four bucks is 352 even. And that means that one hunter will soon see the world far more clearly through a new pair of Cabela’s Alaskan Guide binoculars–in his choice of 8×42 or 10×42–a prize worth about $500. The winner is… Ethan3–just 3/8s of an inch off with his guess of 351 5/8. Congrats Ethan3. Enjoy the binoculars. I’ll be contacting you very soon.