If you remember, the whole point of this exercise was to get you to do my work, and you did a bang-up job, submitting more than 125 captions. And now, a winner must be chosen. I didn’t want to be entirely saddled with that, either, so I sent the following list of finalists to a select panel of F&S editors to help me choose. (I’d planned to automatically disqualify fart jokes as too obvious–unless one happened to be a reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail. And lo and behold…)


“Does this lighting make my butt look big?” -jarlich

What Santa saw, just before they hit the tree… – -Bob

The stealth cam says there’s a half moon. I see two full moons. -Brendan

“Helluva place to loose a contact, Larry.” -cooner

“You silly hunter men, we fart in your general direction!” –chuck

“Here’s your rump roast, big bad hunter!” -buckhunter

“Hey, Bob, do you ever get that ‘hair-standing-on-end’ feeling that somebody’s watching you? Well the hair on my butt is standing up right now!” -BubbaK

And the winner is -Bob, with “What Santa saw, just before they hit the tree….” Congratulations -Bob. You’ll be hearing from me soon about those deer calls. I just need to clean my office, so… it shouldn’t be more than a few weeks, or so.