Five weeks after “The Great Goose Gas-Off” in New York City’s Prospect Park, the geese (new ones, not zombie honkers) are back.

From this story in the New York Times:
Five weeks after wildlife authorities rounded up Prospect Park’s geese and gassed them, provoking the ire of residents and wildlife advocates alike, legions of new, death-defying geese continue to move into the prime real estate that is Prospect Park Lake. Anne-Katrin Titze and Ed Bahlman, Brooklyn residents who discovered the birds’ disappearance last month, counted 107 geese on Prospect Park Lake on Sunday. “They are clearly replacing the ones that were killed,” Ms. Titze said, although she lamented that some had already fallen prey to barbed lures and fishing line that were left in the lake.
The 107 geese have their flight feathers, Ms. Titze noted, and were slowly learning the ways of the park. “They’re landing in perfect surroundings,” she said. Last month, wildlife biologists and Agriculture Department officials rounded up the park’s 400 resident geese and gassed them with lethal doses of carbon dioxide, saying the effort was necessary to keep them out of the flight paths of La Guardia and Kennedy Airports. The authorities had been quietly killing geese since a few flew into the engines of US Airways Flight 1549 in January 2009, forcing it to land in the Hudson River. But the mass kill in July infuriated Brooklyn residents and wildlife advocates, who were quick to point out that the geese that brought down the flight were migratory, not resident._

Coincidentally, New York’s early nuisance Canada goose season starts September first. Coincidentally, Field & Stream‘s offices are located in New York City. I’m just sayin’… The editors could probably rummage around in their swag room and find a layout blind (or, since these are urban geese, a bright yellow lawn chair) and a shotgun or two. Throw out a few field decoys on the grass, scatter a few stale bagels (or would that be baiting?) and kick back and wait…